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Bouvardia Pictures

Bouvardia is a beautiful flower that is often used in wedding bouquets.  The most popular colors of bouvardia flowers are white, pink, red, and purple.  Here are some pictures of bouvardia flowers.

This is what bouvardia flowers look like in full bloom up close.

white bouvardia flowers

Here are some red bouvardia flowers.

red bouvardia

These purple Bouvardia flowers were used in a wedding and were pinned to a groomsmen’s jacket.

purple bouvardia

Bouvardia flowers are often used in conjunction with roses to form bridal bouquets for weddings.

bouvardia wedding bouquet

Bouvardia look beautiful in any bouquet, even without other flowers.

white bouvardia bouquet

If you have any photos of bouvardia flowers you’d like to share with us please send them in.