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Artichoke Thistle Pictures

The artichoke thistle, (also called cardoon, cardoni, or cardi), is a spiny thistle flower of the sunflower family.  The artichoke thistle is typically about head high, but sometimes taller, and it is crowned by a cluster of bright purple thistles.  Yes, the artichoke part is edible, and yes, this is a perennial flower.  Here are some pictures of artichoke thistle flowers.

Here’s a close up picture of an artichoke thistle flower being pollinated by a bee.

artichoke thistle flower up closeHere’s a photo of artichoke thistle flowers growing in the wild.

artichoke thistle flower picture

Here’s a beautiful close up picture of an artichoke thistle bloom.

artichoke thistle flower

Here’s a photo of artichoke thistles used for an urban landscape.

artichoke flower photo

Here’s one last photo of a purple cardone.

artochoke thistle cardone

If you have any pictures of artichoke thistles you’d like to share with us please send them in so we can include them on the site.