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Casa Blanca Lily Pictures

The Casa Blanca Lily (Lilium) is an oriental hybrid lily.  It blooms in the Summer and gives off a sweet fragrance.  These flowers can be as large as ten inches wide.  They have rigid stems and make great fresh cut flowers.  They also look magnificent in bouquets and flower arrangements.  Because of their pure white petals, Lilium Casa Blanca are often used in weddings for decoration, bridal bouquets and centerpieces.

Here are some pictures of white Casa Blanca Lilies.

casa blanca lily

You can see it has pure white petals with reddish brown anthers in the middle.

Here’s a better look at the anthers.

Casa blanca in bloom

Here’s a bunch of Casa Blanca lilies in bloom.

casa blanca flowers

Here’s a bridal bouquet made of Casa Blanca Flowers.

casa blanca wedding bouquet

Here’s a Casa Blanca flower arrangement used as a wedding centerpiece.

casa blanca flower arrangment

Blue Lace Flower Pictures

Blue Lace Flowers, also known as Didiscus Caerulea, are sky blue colored flowers that bloom in a pretty round shape.  Blue Lace flowers have long stems and look great in bouquets.  Blue lace flowers are excellent for attracting pollinating insects to your flower garden.  These flowers are similar to Queen Anne’s Lace flowers.  Each individual flower head has a tiny star shape.  These flowers can grow as tall as 30 inches in height.  They look great in Summer flower beds and they even have a light, sweet fragrance.

Here are some pictures of Blue Lace Flowers.

blue lace flower picture

Here’s a close up of a Blue Lace Flower in bloom.

blue lace flower in bloom

Here are some blue lace flowers growing in a flower bed alongside  a driveway.

blue lace flowers in flower bed

Here are some blue lace flowers growing in a field.

blue lace flowers in a field

Here’s a photo of a whole bunch of blue lace flowers in bloom.

pretty blue lace flowers

If you have any pictures of blue lace flowers you’d like to share with us please send them in.

Bird of Paradise Pictures

Bird of Paradise flowers, also known as Crane Flowers or Strelitzia, are flowering plants that bloom into beautiful flowers that resemble the head of an exotic crested bird.  These flowers are very bright, colorful and beautiful to behold.

Here are some pictures of Bird of Paradise flowers.

bird of paradise flower

Strelitzia Reginae typically have bright yellow and orange petals.

bird of paradise

Bird of Paradise also typically have red colors as well as blues and purples.

Here’s a beautiful flower arrangement that includes Bird of Paradise Flowers.

Adding Bird of Paradise flowers to a bouquet really gives the arrangement a bold and exotic flare.

bird of paradise bouquet

Here are some Bird of Paradise plants growing in Hawaii.

bird of paradise plants

Here’s one last photo of a beautiful Bird of Paradise flower.

bird of paradise strelitzia

If you have any photos of bird of paradise flowers (or crane flowers if that’s what you want to call them) please send them in and share them with us.

Bells of Ireland Pictures

Bells of Ireland, also known as Moluccella Laevis, is a flowering plant that is an annual which blooms in the Summer.  Bells of Ireland are thought to be lucky flowers.  Because of this, many brides include Bells of Ireland flowers in their weddings either in bridal bouquets, wedding decorations or wedding table top centerpieces.  Because they are long and tall, Bells of Ireland look great in flower arrangements.  They make good looking bouquets with or without other flowers.  They also look nice growing in flower beds or flower gardens.

Here are some pictures of Bells of Ireland plants and flowers in bloom.

This is what a Bells of Ireland plant looks like up close.

Bells of Ireland up close

Here’s a Bells of Ireland plant in a flower bed.

bells of ireland plant

Here’s another lucky Bells of Ireland plant in a flower garden.

Bells of Ireland plants

Here’s a Bells of Ireland arrangement using only Bells of Ireland and no other flowers.

Bells of Ireland arrangement

And here is a Bells of Ireland flower arrangement using other flowers as well.

Bells of Ireland flower arrangement

Here’s a regular Bells of Ireland bouquet.

Bells of Ireland bouquet

And here’s a beautiful Bells of Ireland bridal bouquet with roses.  This type of bridal bouquet is not only beautiful and elegant but it is also thought to be a lucky for the new bride and groom.

Bells of Ireland bridal bouquet

Here is a luxurious Bells of Ireland wedding centerpiece.

Bells of Ireland centerpiece

I hope you’ve enjoyed these photos.  If you have any Bells of Ireland photos you’d like to share with the world please send them to me.

Boronia Pictures

The Boronia is an evergreen shrub flower with bright and pretty blooms.  This flower can be found all over Australia and it is often used as a filler for beautiful bouquets.  Here are some boronia flower pictures.

pretty Boronia flowersI love this photo above.  You can see just how beautiful the blooms of this flower actually are.

boronia for landscaping

Boronia are often used in landscaping and in flower gardens.

Boronia rivularis whiskey

Here’s a gorgeous close up of Boronia flower blooms.

Boronia flowers

Here’s a great picture of a Boronia shrub with dozens of beautiful pink blooms.

Boronia flower bouquet

As I mentioned, Boronia are often used as fillers for large bouquets.

Artichoke Thistle Pictures

The artichoke thistle, (also called cardoon, cardoni, or cardi), is a spiny thistle flower of the sunflower family.  The artichoke thistle is typically about head high, but sometimes taller, and it is crowned by a cluster of bright purple thistles.  Yes, the artichoke part is edible, and yes, this is a perennial flower.  Here are some pictures of artichoke thistle flowers.

Here’s a close up picture of an artichoke thistle flower being pollinated by a bee.

artichoke thistle flower up closeHere’s a photo of artichoke thistle flowers growing in the wild.

artichoke thistle flower picture

Here’s a beautiful close up picture of an artichoke thistle bloom.

artichoke thistle flower

Here’s a photo of artichoke thistles used for an urban landscape.

artichoke flower photo

Here’s one last photo of a purple cardone.

artochoke thistle cardone

If you have any pictures of artichoke thistles you’d like to share with us please send them in so we can include them on the site.

Types of Flowers

If you are anything like me, you love beautiful flowers.  Most people can identify the most common flowers but they don’t know the names of the vast majority of flowers.  So this website will help you with flower identification by showing you all of the most common flower types from A – Z and providing you with multiple pictures of each kind of flower.  We will be posting a new post everyday with a different type of flower and several photos of that flower.  So check back daily for updates.

pictures of pretty flowers

These are the flowers we will be providing pictures of:

Anemone (also known as Galilee)
Allium (also known as drumsticks or ornamental onions)
Artichoke Thistle (also known as cardoons and cardonis)
Baby’s Breath
Bachelor’s Button (also known as bluebottles, cornflowers, hurtsickles, boutonnieres & cyani)
Bells of Ireland
Billy Buttons
Bighead Knapweed
Bird of Paradise
Blue Lace Flowers
Boxwood african
Breath of heaven – Diosma
Button Funray
Buckthorn variegated
California pepperberry
Calla lily white
Carnation mini – Alibi
Casa Blanca
Cockscomb Crested (also known as woolflowers)
Coffee Bean Berry
Common Myrtle
Common Yarrow
Crane Flowers
Cymbidium orchid
Cone flower
Delphinium Belladonna
Delphinium Pacific Giant
Eric John
Eucalyptus silver dollar
Eucalyptus seeded
Fernleaf Yarrow
Foxtail fern
Flax New Zealand
Gerbera daisy
Gerbera Ruby Red
Japhette orchid
Kangaroo paw yellow
Lace fern
Lily of the Nile – Alba
Larkspur pink
Lily of the valley
Lisianthus misty blue
Lily Elite
Lily Monte Negro
Lily Casa Blanca
Lily Stargazer
Love in a mist
Ming fern
Monte Cassino
Marguerite daisy
Misty Blue Limonium
Moon orchid
Ornamental Onions
Peruvian lily
Paper Reed
Papyrus lion’s head
Pitt Variegated
Pink Mink
Pincushion flower annual
Queen Anne’s lace
Rose Champagne
Red Rover
Rose Fire & Ice
Rice flower
Rose Osiana
Rose Bridal White
Rose Royalty
Rose Emblem
Rose Fantasy
Rose Lavanda
Rose Kardinal
Rose Diadem
Rose Lady Liberty
Rose Bridal Pink
Summer poinsettia
Sprengeri fern
Strawberry banksia
Spider Fuji Yellow
Salmon Reagan
Sweet William
Sunflower Sunbright
Safari Sunset
Sweet pea
Statice blue
Stock lavender
Sword fern
Star of Bethlehem
Sage perennial
Snapdragon apple blossom
Snapdragon magenta
Tulip pink
Willow curly

flower picture

We hope you enjoy looking at all these pictures of different kinds of flowers.  If we have left any types of flowers off the list please let us know.  Also, if you’d like to submit your own flower photos to us we will put them on the site for all the world to see, so please send us your own pictures, especially of beautiful flower gardens.