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Candytuft Pictures

Candytuft, also known as Iberis, are made up of annuals, perennials and subshrubs.  These flowering plants product pretty flowers that look great individually and look amazing in bunches.  Candytuft flowers look beautiful in flowerbeds and flower gardens or along walkways.  The most common colors of Candytuft are white, pink and purple.

Here are some pictures of Candytuft flowers:

This is a close up of an individual white Candytuft flower so you can see what they look like up close.

white candytuft flower

Here’s a picture of a walkway surrounded by white Candytuft flowers.

candytuft flowerbed

Here is a close up of a purple Candytuft flower.

pink candytuft flower

Here are some pretty pink Candytuft flowers in full bloom.

pretty Candytuft flowers

Here are some more beautiful purple Candytuft flowers.

purple Candytuft flowers

If you have any photos of Candytuft flowers you’d like to share with us please send them in.

Boronia Pictures

The Boronia is an evergreen shrub flower with bright and pretty blooms.  This flower can be found all over Australia and it is often used as a filler for beautiful bouquets.  Here are some boronia flower pictures.

pretty Boronia flowersI love this photo above.  You can see just how beautiful the blooms of this flower actually are.

boronia for landscaping

Boronia are often used in landscaping and in flower gardens.

Boronia rivularis whiskey

Here’s a gorgeous close up of Boronia flower blooms.

Boronia flowers

Here’s a great picture of a Boronia shrub with dozens of beautiful pink blooms.

Boronia flower bouquet

As I mentioned, Boronia are often used as fillers for large bouquets.