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Candytuft Pictures

Candytuft, also known as Iberis, are made up of annuals, perennials and subshrubs.  These flowering plants product pretty flowers that look great individually and look amazing in bunches.  Candytuft flowers look beautiful in flowerbeds and flower gardens or along walkways.  The most common colors of Candytuft are white, pink and purple.

Here are some pictures of Candytuft flowers:

This is a close up of an individual white Candytuft flower so you can see what they look like up close.

white candytuft flower

Here’s a picture of a walkway surrounded by white Candytuft flowers.

candytuft flowerbed

Here is a close up of a purple Candytuft flower.

pink candytuft flower

Here are some pretty pink Candytuft flowers in full bloom.

pretty Candytuft flowers

Here are some more beautiful purple Candytuft flowers.

purple Candytuft flowers

If you have any photos of Candytuft flowers you’d like to share with us please send them in.

Button Funray Pictures

Button Funray flowers are perrenials also known by their botanical name as Dendranthema Morifolium.  These button flowers are very similar to Mums.

Here are some pictures of button funray flowers.

Here’s a close up look at what button funray flowers look like.

button funray dendranthema

Here are some pink button funray flowers.

pink button funray flowers

Here are some colorful two toned button funrays.

button funray flowers

Here are some yellow button funray flowers growing in a flower garden.

button funray yellow flowers

Here’s a closeup of a pink button funray flower.

pink button funray

If you grow button funray flowers and would like to submit some photos to us we would appreciate it.

Artichoke Thistle Pictures

The artichoke thistle, (also called cardoon, cardoni, or cardi), is a spiny thistle flower of the sunflower family.  The artichoke thistle is typically about head high, but sometimes taller, and it is crowned by a cluster of bright purple thistles.  Yes, the artichoke part is edible, and yes, this is a perennial flower.  Here are some pictures of artichoke thistle flowers.

Here’s a close up picture of an artichoke thistle flower being pollinated by a bee.

artichoke thistle flower up closeHere’s a photo of artichoke thistle flowers growing in the wild.

artichoke thistle flower picture

Here’s a beautiful close up picture of an artichoke thistle bloom.

artichoke thistle flower

Here’s a photo of artichoke thistles used for an urban landscape.

artichoke flower photo

Here’s one last photo of a purple cardone.

artochoke thistle cardone

If you have any pictures of artichoke thistles you’d like to share with us please send them in so we can include them on the site.

Allium Flowers Pictures

Allium flowers are beautiful long stemmed flowers with colorful blooms in a ball shape at the top of their stems.  Because of their shape and appearance they are also known as drumstick flowers or ornamental onions.  The larger ones are called Giant Allium Flowers and can be taller than small children.  These flowers are often used in bouquets and are also dried and used for crafts.   These are perennial flowers and you can buy their bulbs and grow your own.  Here are some photos of different colors and sizes of allium flowers.


Here is a close up picture of a beautiful purple-lilac colored allium flower.  If you look closely it’s almost like there are hundreds of tiny flowers inside the bloom.

blue allium flowers

This is a picture of beautiful blue allium flowers.

long stem allium flowers

This picture shows the long stems allium flowers have.

And here is a photo of Giant Allium Flowers.

giant allium flowers

 Here’s a photo of a dried out allium.  As I mentioned, often times people dry out allium flowers to use for making crafts.  They have a great shape and can be colored to make beautiful creations.  They are often used for 4th of July decorations.

dried allium flower

Anemone Flower Pictures

Anemone flowers are perennial flowers also known as Galilee flowers.  Here are some pictures of some beautiful anemones.

colorful anemone flowers

These anemones have bold and vibrant colors of purples, oranges and pinks.

red anemone flowers

Here is a closeup picture of beautiful red anemone flowers.

white anemone flowers

Here are some gorgeous white and yellow anemone flowers.

pretty anemone flowers

Here’s a close up photo of some really pretty anemone flowers in a variety of colors.  These flowers can make any flower garden look amazing!