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Caspia Pictures

Limonium-Caspia is a flower that is often used as a floral filler in flower arrangements.  It is often dried and colored many different colors.  It’s natural colors are pale blue to lilac.  Caspia is also known as Sea Lavender, although it is not related to lavender.  Caspia is often used in conjunction with Baby’s Breath and Mistly flowers to add depth and motion to bouquets and floral arrangements.  Dried and preserved Caspia is often used in crafts and decorations.

Here are some pictures of Caspia.

This is what Limonium-Caspia looks like.

blue caspia flower blooms

The Caspia above has more bluish blooms, whereas the Caspia blooms below are more of a lilac color.

pretty Caspia flowers

Caspia is often sold in bulk at wholesale prices and used for crafts.

dried Caspia flowers

Caspia looks awesome in teal wedding themed decorations and flower arrangements.

Caspia bouquet

Caspia looks great in its natural color as well as dyed other colors.  It makes a great filler for most any bouquet.

caspia wedding bouquet

Here’s a beautiful white Caspia and white Lily bouquet.

white caspia and lily bouquet

If you have any pictures of Caspia you would like to share please send them in.

Baby’s Breath Pictures

Baby’s Breath Flowers are delicate white flowers that grow on stems that can get up to around eighteen inches in height.  This flowering plant is known as Gypsophila  which is among the carnation family.  These beautiful white flowers have small blooms and bring elegance and lightness to any flower garden.   Baby’s breath have become a very popular flower to use in weddings.  They make beautiful bridal bouquets, table top decorations, centerpieces, and can also be used in the bride’s hair.  In recent years Baby’s Breath has become popular in crafts as well.  Baby’s Breath wreaths are very trendy right now.

Here are some pictures of Baby’s Breath Flowers.

This is what Baby’s Breath flowers look like up close.

baby's breath flowers

Here’s an individual stem of Baby’s Breath Flowers.

baby's breath flowers

Here’s a Baby’s Breath plant with thousands of blooms.

baby's breath plant

Here’s a picture of a Baby’s Breath bridal bouquet.

baby's breath bridal bouquet

Here are some Baby’s Breath wedding decorations.

baby's breath decorations

Here is a wreath made from Baby’s Breath flowers.

baby's breath wreath

As you can see from these photos, baby’s breath is a beautiful flower that can be used for many different things.  If you have photos of baby’s breath you would like to share please send them in so we can include them.

Allium Flowers Pictures

Allium flowers are beautiful long stemmed flowers with colorful blooms in a ball shape at the top of their stems.  Because of their shape and appearance they are also known as drumstick flowers or ornamental onions.  The larger ones are called Giant Allium Flowers and can be taller than small children.  These flowers are often used in bouquets and are also dried and used for crafts.   These are perennial flowers and you can buy their bulbs and grow your own.  Here are some photos of different colors and sizes of allium flowers.


Here is a close up picture of a beautiful purple-lilac colored allium flower.  If you look closely it’s almost like there are hundreds of tiny flowers inside the bloom.

blue allium flowers

This is a picture of beautiful blue allium flowers.

long stem allium flowers

This picture shows the long stems allium flowers have.

And here is a photo of Giant Allium Flowers.

giant allium flowers

 Here’s a photo of a dried out allium.  As I mentioned, often times people dry out allium flowers to use for making crafts.  They have a great shape and can be colored to make beautiful creations.  They are often used for 4th of July decorations.

dried allium flower